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Our Story

Carl began his career as an airplane mechanic but always had a passion for building cabinets and furniture from scratch. A shakeup at the airline opened the door for Carl to start Benchmark out of his garage in 2006.
After years of growth, operations moved to a beautiful workshop in Vancouver, WA. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art commercial spray booth and the finest woodworking equipment. 
Carl now runs Benchmark Woodwork with his sons. Each learned the art of woodworking from him, and share his passion for providing quality products and friendly service. 

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What We Offer

Custom Cabinets in Vancouver WA Quality

Quality Construction

We implement the highest design and construction techniques to ensure you will enjoy your investment for many years to come. We use the best quality wood, hardware, and finishes from reputable local sources.

Custom cabinets Vancouver Washington

Exactly What You Want

We hand-craft to your specifications for measurement, design, hardware, wood choice, and more. Want to add storage to an existing area in your home? We can build a perfect fit while matching your existing aesthetic.

benchmark expert consultation

Expert Advice

We want to understand your organizational needs, design style, and budget. We'll infuse our ideas when appropriate - adding value to your project. You'll be confident you aren't missing out on anything else out there.

Our Premium Standard Features

Not all cabinet shops provide these features as standard options. We only offer the best in order to achieve true hand-crafted custom.

Soft Close Doors & Drawers

Reduce the stress on hinges, stops, and drawer rails, while greatly extending the life of your cabinets. Also offers peace, quiet, and increased value to your home.

Sand & Stain

Proper sanding is vital to adequate stain and paint adherence. A cabinets finish is not just the first line of defense against wear and tear, it also has to look beautiful.

All Wood Construction

For more durability, we use prefinished maple plywood for boxes, and premium hardwoods for our faces and frames. Typical cabinets contain particle board or MDF.

Cabinet Styles

Partial overlay, full overlay, and inset cabinet styles, we offer them all. Each style provides a unique look and we are happy to discuss all options with you.

Dovetail Drawers

Kitchen drawers are opened about 3,500 times a year. Dovetailing is one of the strongest joints used, which will hold more weight and ensure longevity.

American Made

Feel fully confident about the high quality products you bring into your home, handcrafted locally here in the United States of America.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are essentially two types of cabinets: framed and frameless (Euro style). A framed cabinet is a box with six sides: front, back, left side, right side, top and bottom. The cabinet front includes a wood face frame attached to the cabinet box.

A frameless cabinet has no face frame, making it a five-sided box and therefore less sturdy. The door, hinged directly to the cabinet box, forms the entire cabinet front. This is a much more modern style of cabinet. Nearly all of our clients prefer framed cabinets over frameless.

If you choose framed cabinets, you’ll need to decide what style you want. There are three variations of framed cabinetry: inset, full overlay, and partial overlay.

  • Inset doors are set into the face frame, with the entire face frame visible. These doors offer a timeless appeal and work well in transitional, traditional, and high end custom kitchens.
  • Full overlay doors are mounted to cover the entire face frame. This is appealing for a seamless, modern look.
  • Partial overlay cabinet doors also sit on the face frame but reveal more of the face frame, leaving a larger gap between doors and drawer fronts. This offers a traditional look. 

Inset cabinets are typically more expensive because we craft them with the highest precision in order to fit the doors perfectly in the cabinet frame. You may also sacrifice a little bit of space with inset cabinets compared to overlay, equal to the depth of the face frame.

Inset cabinets sit flush with the frame whereas Overlay cabinet doors sit on top of the face frame.

Cabinet doors are the most visible part of your cabinetry and key factors in defining your style and bringing your personality to life. With this in mind, Benchmark offers essentialy limitless door styles including square, arched, slab, shaker, raised, recessed panel options, and more. 

Painted cabinets are built with Maple and sprayed any color you desire in our industry leading, particle free spray booth. Stained Wood cabinets can be made in any type of wood and stained any way as well. With such a broad range of possibilities, some clients find our stain boards helpful. We take a handful of stains and apply to sections of various wood species. This allows you to see how those colors take to the grain. You can compare it next to your flooring, paint, furniture, backsplash, etc. 

Popular wood species we work with include:

  • Rift Sawn White Oak
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Alder
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Beech

Absolutely! When you schedule an initial design consultation with our team, we’ll talk about your style and the room’s function. This is one of the primary reasons to partner with a custom cabinet contractor. We can unlock space you didn’t know you had and help you get the most efficient layout possible.

The layout and size of your project will determine the number and type of accessories you can add to your cabinets. Our designers can walk you through choices for pull-outs, inserts, and under-cabinet options to turn your space into a highly functional area for cooking and storage. Refer to our Organization Gallery to get inspiration. Some popular options include:

  • Trash can pullouts in kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, and coffee bar. You can even use the trash can pullouts as a dirty clothes hamper in your laundry room. 
  • Spice drawer inserts
  • Knife blocks
  • Blind corners and lazy susans
  • Under sink organizer
  • Pullout or swivel ironing board in laundry room or master closet
  • Pulldown closet rod to maximize vertical space

Because we are a truly custom cabinet shop, our offerings for cabinet and door styles seem limitless. Whatever you can dream, we can create. If you aren’t sure where to begin, rest assured our team will guide you to the perfect choice.

We have experience with kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, laundry rooms, bars, fireplaces, pantries, closet storage, built-ins, and more. If you want to put a cabinet somewhere, big or small, we can build it.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the final result is not the space of your dreams, we will make it right.

Yes! If you want us to match existing work, we’ll carefully adjust stains, paints, or application methods to ensure a cohesive look to your space.

Our lead times vary, but we typically have 3-6 months of work on our schedule. However, if you need to meet a tight schedule and are ready to move to a final plan, we may be able to start sooner. A full custom kitchen, once design is finalized, takes about 2.5 weeks from build to install. Please request a consultation so we can review your situation and get you on our schedule.

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We’ll explore design options, review any existing plans, and discuss budget goals.

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